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At 365 GOLF our aim is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by reviewing all aspects of your game. With our customized golf instruction and golf coaching programs we will help you win your next match and have more fun on the course. Not to mention we have awesome technology to help us do it. Click Here to learn more about the TECH!

Our Director of Player Development, Josh Fleming, is confident that he can help you improve your game from tee-to-green and everywhere in between. Josh, who was the 2021 Alberta Teacher of the year, is a patient golf instructor who will do everything he can to get you to #enjoythegame more!

Join us indoors at our studio or at one of the highest rated golf courses Calgary boasts to explore your game. Whether you are seeking beginner golf lessons or advanced golf lessons, our professional golf instructor will ensure you get the most out of the most comprehensive golf lessons Calgary offers.

Welcome to the 365 GOLF community… we are ecstatic you are here!

Tech TrackMan

TrackMan is the world's premiere launch monitor trusted by the top players in the game. TrackMan has two radars within it: one to track the...

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Tech K-Motion

Our bodies move in complex ways every time we swing the club. K-Motion technology helps the golfer gain an awareness of their body in space....

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Tech BodiTrak

BodiTrak technology is so cool, it teaches us the difference between pressure and weight shift.  With proper coaching, it will teach you how all the...

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Tech Hackmotion

Do you slice the ball? Hook the ball? Miss too many putts? The Hackmotion technology is really cool, and can help give us some answers!...

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Tech Superspeed Golf

Drive for show, putt for dough! Our Superspeed technology can help you smash the golf ball and gain more distance. It increases your clubhead speed...

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Our Reviews What People Think

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Been seeing Josh for 3 years and he always provides great instruction that is clear and helpful…

Wayne King

Testimonial Logo

Josh is a great coach and the technology at 365 is amazing.

Brad McGrath

Testimonial Logo

Josh is extremely knowledgeable about the golf swing. The tech and knowledge at 365 Golf is where…

Wes McLeod

Testimonial Logo

Josh is an Awesome instructor! With the Trackman and his other amazing technology used by PGA tour…

Gord Glenn

Testimonial Logo

365 GOLF Inc. is the new place in town for great golf analysis and instruction. The facility is well organized…

Bonnie Jones

Testimonial Logo

If you want to improve at this incredibly hard and frustrating game then do yourself a favor and come here…

Fly Eisen

Testimonial Logo

Went and saw Josh at his new set up. The technology is unreal. I have never had so much feedback and…

Tyler McVicar

Testimonial Logo

Josh is an amazing coach and truly wants to help people play/enjoy the game better. The technology…

Manwinder S. Gill

Testimonial Logo

Josh is a golf pro willing to slow things down and take the time to explain it in a way that makes sense…

Sarah Jayne Poole

Testimonial Logo

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first few sessions at 365 GOLF. 365 GOLF is using all the best…

Steve Smee

Testimonial Logo

365 Golf is an awesome place to receive high-quality golf coaching. The technology they offer…

Trevor Logan

Testimonial Logo

Had my first lesson with Josh on Tuesday, hands down was the best golf instruction…

John Walsh

Testimonial Logo

Josh is easily the best golf instructor I have ever had. He combines technology seamlessly…

Chris Mason

Testimonial Logo

Love the new set up at 365 Golf. Josh is a great instructor and his enthusiasm for teaching…

Kimberley Park

Testimonial Logo

Was able to experience all the amazing technology Josh has at his new teaching studio…

Clay Blakley

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