• Professional Coaching by Josh Fleming, 2021 PGA of Alberta Teacher of the Year!
  • 10,000 + Golf Lessons Delivered
  • Improve Your Game Today!

There is so much more that goes into golf than just swinging clubs. With our highly trained and patient staff, all our players can expect the following from every coaching session:

  • Skillful advice from a knowledgeable PGA of Canada professional
  • An experience designed to make the game more fun and meaningful
  • A step-by-step plan to help you improve in all aspects of your game: your swing itself, short-game, putting, the mental side, course management etc.

The combination of our knowledgeable team + the technology itself is a recipe for success for you and your golf game. We offer an array of technology designed to help bring your game to the next level; Nobody else in Calgary has the same combination of technology:

  • TrackMan Launch monitor data
  • K-Motion Body Movement Analysis
  • Bodi Trak Pressure Mats
  • Hack Motion wrist measurements

The one word that sums up what makes 365 GOLF different from others is this: Adaptability. Our coaches are highly trained to teach players at all levels. Their ability to simplify the complex nuances of the game plus their proficiency in the variety of technology offered helps them offer unique advice catered to every individual.

Because no two players are the same. We recognize this, and design our programs based on what each individual needs. From top to bottom, whether it’s more about the physical side of the game or the mental side, our trained professionals are able to accurately assess the individual areas of improvement for each and every one of our players.

Yes and no…let us explain. The fun of the game stems from continually improving. We recognize this, and aim to help our players improve in the areas that will elevate them to the next level. Our players enjoy lower scores and more confidence, ultimately making the golf experience more fun.

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