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At 365 GOLF, ensuring our clients have an exceptional experience is paramount. Whether it’s Golf Coaching, Game Play, or events, our main goal is to create memorable moments for everyone who walks through our doors. We’re not satisfied unless our clients are truly happy. We strive for perfection, and our standard is nothing less than 10/10. Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re dedicated to making your time with us truly outstanding.


I have been going to see Josh for a couple years now. At first he broke down my swing and gave me incremental things to work on. After 4 lessons I was striking the ball much more consistently and had my best golf season ever. After starting to see some of my old habits creep back during the offseason, Josh was quickly able to see a small adjustment that got me right back on track. Josh truly cares about his students and takes great pride in his facilities. Don’t go and see anyone else if you want to get better, just come to 365 golf.



365 Golf has been a game-changer for me. Josh Fleming’s coaching has really clicked with my style, and the technology they use makes every session feel tailored just for me. It’s not just about improvement; it’s about enjoying the game more. Highly recommend checking them out if you want to take your golf game to the next level.

Scott Smith


I am super happy to have found Josh at 365 Golf for helping me completely change my golf swing. I have never hit my irons more pure and its all thanks to him! The facility is amazing and I look forward to each lesson because I know I will be walking out of there with huge improvements. Thank you again Josh. I would highly recommend 365 Golf to anyone looking to make drastic improvements to their golf game.

Thomas Lee


Golf 365 has been great for my golf game. Came in to work with Josh at 14 handicap. Have worked really hard with him over the last 3 months and have felt a tremendous difference in my game. Hitting much more straighter drives. Ball contact and ball flight has seen a huge improvement. Cannot wait for this gold season to start. Josh is one of the best coaches in calgary hands down.

The facility is also one of the best. If you want to practice, the cameras and set up is ideal for working on your swing mechanics and seeing every step of your swing. It is also a great place to play a round On the simulator since there is plenty of room for you and the other players to sit and enjoy.

Julian Mejia


365 Golf team has an amazing setup for your golf needs. Great instructors and track man technology. Josh has helped my swing way more than any YouTube video ever would.

Jeremy Kung


What a great facility to sharpen your game. Tyler was very knowledgeable and has helped my golf game tremendously. The feedback from their set up is immediate and extremely helpful. Would recommend Tyler or Josh for anyone , at any handicap. Cheers fellas

Ryan Wright


Today was our first visit to 365 GOLF and the whole family had a great time. Our 4 and 6 year old loved playing Scrapyard and have already asked to come back soon. Josh and the 365 team were very welcoming! We will be back!

Donna Gersbach


Great experience at 365 golf. The technology and knowledgeable experience that Josh & Tyler give is out of this world! My swing and posture is much better now. Thank you for helping me improve my golf swing! I will be back for sure!

Chelsea Advent


Josh and his team are amazing! The studio and the equipment they use is second to none. Josh is the best coach I’ve ever had. He completely changed my swing and im excited to go back in the links this summer!

Marc Ouellette (Big Wheel)


Josh is absolutely amazing and I cant thank him enough for all the time and effort he has put into helping me improve my game. The 365Golf staff are knowledgable, professional, and really care about helping their clients. I would highly recommend 365Golf to any one looking to improve their game!

Erik Pedersen


I had the pleasure of having Josh as my coach. He was absolutely amazing! I came in knowing absolutely nothing about golf, and after a few lessons I was feeling so confident and ready to get playing. The coaching was phenomenal and has really helped me to learn posture, movement and how to hit a ball properly. I can’t thank you enough 365 golf, you guys are awesome!

Taylor Corasiniti


Beautiful place with a great vibe! Perfect place to hangout with the boys and grab a drink or work solo on your game. The best golf sim I’ve found in the city!

Ryan Addams


Josh is an amazing golf instructor plain and simple.

He has an uncanny ability to analyze form and function to identify the underlying symptom and then immediately translate that into clear, simple instructions to make the necessary changes. Lessons with Josh are a lot of fun, extremely beneficial and he offers encouragement every bit of the way.

I would not hesitate to recommend Josh as a golf instructor no matter what level of player you are.

Alex Grimard


I’ve been training with Josh since Decembre 2023 – he’s been great and radiates his passion for the game – he’s very patient with newbies and accurately corrects techniques. I am extremely happy I found 365 Golf – it was one of those times where reviews were spot on!

Dhinesh Kumar


Nicest Golf sim I have been to in Calgary. Sim is very accurate with many different courses to play. Tons of TVs to watch sports and get stats on your swing. Inside looks great with lots of space to hangout and lounge. Instructors are very professional and friendly.

Jared Miller


In a very short amount of time, Josh has been able to help me improve my game and get results. He is so passionate about coaching and it translates. I have also been loving game play on the simulators. The location and set up at 365Golf is top notch. Josh and Ty, keep up the amazing work!

Shauna Yawney


Finally a place that has some cushy room to relax paired with a swing area that has enough room for even tall guys to feel comfortable. With drinks available on site and a few food places across the street that will deliver, the experience is elevated from the usual warehouse style set-up. The helpful, knowledgeable team are focused on whatever you need to enjoy your time. A must for anyone looking to sort out their game or have some fun in spite of the weather.

Dale Johnson


Josh Fleming at 365 GOLF has been an absolute game-changer for my golf journey. I came to Josh last year in dire need of assistance as I was all over the course before a big golf trip. In just over a month, Josh had me ready to go and able to really enjoy the trip. This year I continued lessons starting in the early spring. I have dropped 6 more strokes a round since the beginning of the year and I can confidently say that I am playing the best golf of my life, and it’s all thanks to Josh’s exceptional coaching. His expertise, patience, and personalized approach have taken my game to new heights. Josh’s ability to analyze my strengths and weaknesses, provide valuable insights, and tailor his instruction to my needs is remarkable. Under his guidance, my technique has improved significantly, distance and consistency have improved, scores are down, and I am enjoying golf more than ever. If you’re looking to reach your full potential on the golf course or just looking to have more fun, I wholeheartedly recommend Josh Fleming at 365 GOLF.

Mike McNulty


Josh is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had in anything. He was able to take on my fiance and I and even though we were on the new side of golf. And he was able to clearly explain what areas we needed help with and how to get better in the game. Both of our games have grown this year thanks to Josh!

Mike Le


Josh at 365 Golf has been an amazing coach. I appreciate the use of technology and how Josh explains the swing changes we're making. In just a few lessons, he has me swinging much more efficiently, which has helped with consistency, increased distance and lowering my scores.

Jeff Fung


If you are serious about getting better at golf, go see Josh at Golf365. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge as well as the best technology at his disposal. I went in for a 45 minute lesson a complete mess. I left hitting it straighter than I ever had before. I can’t recommend Josh and Golf365 enough!

Carter Grosart


I came to Josh as a relatively new golfer with a goal to build confidence and consistency in my game. From our very first lesson, Josh was extremely observant, patient and precise with his instruction. He closely analyzed my swing and broke down his instruction into small achievable outcomes. After each lesson, I had things to take home and work on that were specific but not overwhelming.

I appreciate that Josh supports his instruction with advanced technology that provides a clear and concise visual of where my swing is at and where it came from. Each week I am able to not only feel but see the improvements I am making, in real time. I look forward to seeing the continued progress in my game as I keep taking lessons with Josh.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to improve their golf game.

Misha Behnia


I’ve only been playing golf for a couple months now and I decided that the best approach was to find a coach to not build up any bad habits in the early stages of playing that would hinder me down the road.

I came to lesson with Josh after some recommendations and I’m so glad I did! Josh looked at every detail and explained everything with clear and precise instructions to better help
me understand and the progress we made in just 1 session really had me surprised.

Cannot wait for my upcoming lessons throughout the winter and see where I’m at next season, thanks Josh!

Chris K


I completely agree with all the reviews here, Josh is an amazing coach!

He helped revitalize and completely transform my game for the better. He was able to quickly identify weaknesses and show me techniques that were understandable and easy to implement.

Score isn’t everything, but before seeing Josh, I was hovering around a 25-30hcp. I am confidently sitting closer to a 14-18hcp after receiving his instruction. More than anything else, he has made the game far more enjoyable to play. I highly recommend Josh for anyone looking to make improvements in their golf game!