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Teaching beginner golfers is a true joy for us at 365 GOLF! 

We often get asked whether I work with beginners, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, teaching beginners is something I genuinely love. Beginner golfers often come to me with fewer bad habits, which makes the teaching process easier and more enjoyable. 

The longer you have been playing golf, the more challenging it can be to break those engrained habits. But if you are just starting out, we can help you establish the right muscle memory and improve your golf swing, leading to a better overall game and more enjoyment on the course. 

Over my 19 years of teaching golf, I have had the privilege of working with over a thousand beginners, and it is always heartwarming to hear them say that they are hitting the ball better than they ever thought possible. They start to #enjoythegame more and become hooked on this fantastic sport. 

Let me share a fantastic example from a student I taught three years ago. This student had never played golf before but was eager to learn, not just for themselves but also to enjoy corporate golf outings and spend quality time with their significant other on the course. In year one, their goal was simply to complete 9 holes and have fun, and they achieved it. In year two, they wanted to keep score, and in year three, they aimed to break 100 on an 18-hole round. The result? They played 18 holes every round in year three, broke 100 ten times, and excitedly shared their accomplishments with me. 

These stories are precisely why I became a golf pro. Hearing about your successes means the world to me, and I cannot wait for year four with this student, where their goal is to break 90. I am eager to hit the course with them and help them achieve their aspirations while continuing to #enjoythegame to the fullest. 

If you are a beginner golfer and have a hesitation about learning the game know that I’d be thrilled to help you. I am excited to meet you and help you find a love for the game OR at least an enjoyment. 

Tyler LeBouthillier  

Director of Instruction at 365 GOLF 

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