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Trackman Virtual Golf Simulator

Teeing Off Year-Round Fun: Indoor Golf @ 365 GOLF!

When most people think of golf, they picture lush green fairways, warm sunshine, and soft breezes, it’s generally a perfect day!  Many might even have a beer in hand, which is just fine.  Many of us play for just the 19th hole.  However, the golf enthusiast in Canada knows that this perfect golf day happens only occasionally during the summer months, rarely do all the stars align for the perfect day at the links.  The weather is just too unpredictable.  If only there was a way to enjoy golf year-round….  Well, that’s where 365 GOLF comes in.  365 GOLF offers a unique and thrilling indoor golf experience for golfers of every background and skill level.

Indoor Golf at 365 GOLF: A Year-Round Golfing Haven

365 GOLF, located in the hear of Calgary AB, has redefined the golfing experience in the city.  Whether you’re an avid golfer or just looking for an escape to chill with some friends while smashing driver, we’ve got something for everyone.   What’s cool about the 365 GOLF space is it’s designed with comradery in mind.  From the atmosphere, audio visual setup, to the simulators, the space is captivating and engaging for everyone.

State-of-the-Art Simulators

One of the key attractions at 365 GOLF is the Trackman Golf launch monitor and software.  There’s no doubt its first in class and we’re thrilled to use it for all activities at 365.  The visuals are stunning, and the ball flight is as realistic as it gets.  For reference the PGA Tour uses Trackman Golf launch monitors for all shot data – just like us.  What’s cool is we have over 200 courses for you to choose from while here at 365 GOLF.  You can play the classics like St. Andrew’s and Pebble Beach OR you can venture to courses you may have never even heard of.  The visuals on all of them are as realistic as it gets.  Check out the video below of the golf ball flying through the air on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach.

Pebble Beach – 18th Tee on Trackman!

Awesome Atmosphere

The setup here at 365 GOLF is about as welcoming as it gets.  We have over 10 televisions and 6 large speakers crammed into 1,400 square feet.  That’s on top of the 13’ simulator screens we use for game play.  To say the environment at 365 GOLF is first class is an understatement.  Just checkout the visual below to see how captivating the space is.


Family-Friendly Entertainment

Of course 365 GOLF is awesome for the core golfer, but the environment here at 365 GOLF is also incredibly family friendly.  Kids and adults can enjoy a round of mini golf or some other really fun and exciting games.  The Trackman Software also offers a whole host of fun Par 3 courses to keep the game play experience a little more palatable for family outings and gatherings.

Book Your Tee Time at 365 GOLF Today!

Whether you’re looking to stay sharp during the off-season,m enjoy a casual game with friend, or introduce your family to the joys of golf, 365 GOLF is the place to be.  With our cutting-edge simulators, welcoming atmosphere, and year-round availability, it’s no wonder that indoor golf at 365 GOLF is such a fun and popular choice for golfers in Calgary. Don’t the weather dictate your golfing schedule – head over to 365 GOLF and tee off for an unforgettable indoor golfing experience.

Josh Fleming
Director of Player Development
365 GOLF

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