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What We Offer

All our golf packages are customizable to best fit the needs for our players. That being said, the main components we offer are golf game reviews and customized coaching. Let’s take a look at each one in depth.

Step 1. Game Review

The Game Review is where we analyze your entire game from tee to green! Every player has strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity to play their best. Together we are going to work with you to put together the best path forward for you to #enjoythegame more. Not to worry though, you will get a full video analysis of your full swing with take home videos and a short golf lesson.

Did we mention that you will also get access to all the best technology in the game? Use of the TrackMan Launch monitor, K-Motion Body Analysis, and BodiTrak Pressure Mats. You will get a tour level experience and it’s going to be awesome.

365 GOLF looks forward to seeing you soon!

Price135.00 + GST
Duration60 minutes
  • Discussion of current golf game (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement)
  • Short / mid / long term goal setting
  • Full swing breakdown and discussion
  • Program option presentation

Please note that all our sessions will offer ball flight data on TrackMan Golf, body motion analysis on K-Motion, and a bunch of other great insights with a host of other technology tools. For an in-depth breakdown of the technological tools we utilize, click on the button below.

Step 2. Program Customization

We understand that every golfer is unique and different which is why our coaching programs are completely catered to the needs of each individual. Some different areas that our players can benefit from are as follows:

Full Swing Lessons

  • Focusing on fundamentals OR the most technical pieces of the swing.

Short Game Lessons

  • Focusing on fundamentals OR the most technical pieces of the swing.

Indoor & Outdoor Playing Lessons

  • Indoor on the famed TrackMan Simulator Software suite
  • Outdoor at the Winston Golf & Country Club.

Target Practice / Shot Creation

  • With TrackMan any golf shot can be practiced – tucked pin / tight fairway / strong winds / we can recreate it all.
  • The TrackMan technology allows us to recreate any golf shot: tucked pins/ tight fairways/ strong winds etc. We can recreate it all!

Skills Analysis

  • What are the strengths of your game? Where is there a bigger room for improvement? Our TrackMan technology helps our players gain a better understanding of their game with the help of our knowledgeable coaches and teaching pros.

Yardage Gapping

  • A knowledge of how far each club in the bag goes is vital to lowering your handicap. Our customized coaching plans enable our players to learn how far they hit each club, and how they can adjust their swings to become more comfortable with “awkward” yardages.

For all indoor lessons the following technology will be used:

Video Analysis

  • 365 GOLF uses fantastic video analysis tools through TPS 8.1

Body Motion and Pressure Analysis

  • Measurement of the positions of the body throughout the entire swing

Hack Motion Wrist Analysis

  • An analysis of the position of the wrists through the entire swing in order to optimize the best position.

Gone are the days where golf in Alberta is only a seasonal sport! We offer outdoor lessons through the Winston Golf Club in Calgary AB throughout Mid-May to Mid-October (Weather dependant, of course). When the snow has flown, we offer indoor lessons which are taught at 365 GOLF’s Teaching Studio in SE Calgary.


365 GOLF offers competitive pricing for our customizable coaching programs. We want to reward those who express an early interest in our new company. Coaching programs will be on sale for February-April of 2022.

365 GOLF recognizes that to maximize your time with these sessions, they must have a Coaching Program that is well-rounded and personalized—That’s why we have a wide variety of golf packages offered. Your 365 GOLF Coach will ensure that every session is packed with value. We want to help you succeed!

Individual sessions may be booked, but our most popular program is 9 hours. This gives us twelve 45-minute sessions together which enables us to give you the necessary tools to crush your goals.

*** All programs expire 12 months after the date of purchase.

Service Guarantee

A high-quality experience for all our players is paramount to us! That is why 365 GOLF has two service guarantees:

  1. You will enjoy the coaching sessions that are provided from our qualified and knowledgeable Coach.
  2. You will be provided with an array of professional advice that elevates your golf game.

IF you feel these two service guarantees are not met, 365 GOLF will have you back in for a complimentary 45-minute session with your Coach to review your individual lesson content.

Golf Like a Pro

If you are looking for beginner golf lessons or advanced training from tee to green, our customizable golf player development programs are for you. Within our tailored golf packages, you can choose to focus on how to hit the golf ball further, how to swing a golf club correctly, or employ our TrackMan technology to easily identify areas of improvement for you.

When learning how to swing a golf club, you not only have a professional golf swing trainer by your side, but a plethora of advanced technology to aid you in your training. Access our services all year round, indoors at our top-of-the-line training facilities, or at one of best golf courses Calgary offers.


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