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With all our sessions we aspire to provide our players with a Tour Level experience and transformation. To reach a Tour Level product for our players, we have prioritized providing access to leading edge technology. Our technology is not intended to serve as a replacement for the face-to-face teaching you will be receiving from our Coaching Team. Instead, our technology is meant to enhance your analysis and understanding of your game and be used in conjunction with the expertise from our patient and passionate Coaching Team. We REALLY want you to succeed!!


The TrackMan4 leads the charge for accurate analysis of ball flight data—trusted by the world’s best tour pros. With its state-of-the-art technology, The TrackMan4 measures what the golf club and golf ball are doing by using two radars. TheTrackman Golftechnology provides everything from impact location to launch data. From short putts up to 400-yard drives, the Trackman displays the entire trajectory of your shot.The Trackman Golfeven pinpoints the ball’s landing position with incredible accuracy; within 1 1/5 feet at 160 yards or 1 foot at 100 yards. Simply put, if the world’s best golfers trust this technology, we trust it too.


K-Motion allows us to properly dissect your current body movements and allows our Coaching Team to optimize how your body moves as you swing. With the aid of K-Motion, we will break down the complexity of body movements like turning, tilting, bending etc. so that you can be in control of your golf swing! There is much more that goes into the movement of the body during a golf swing than is visible to the naked eye in real time—we can help!


Ever heard of using the ground to hit it further? At 365 GOLF we have, and the BodiTraktechnology allows us to delve into this deeper! BodiTrak Golftechnology measures the pressure in your feet and your center of gravity which we Love to nerd out over. Sound a bit confusing? Not to worry, our team of Coaches are here to help you understand, and to help you take advantage of this technology.


Do you slice the ball? Hook the ball? Miss too many putts? The Hackmotion technology is really cool, and can help give us some answers! It analyzes the position of our wrists at different points in our swings and putting strokes. Our Coaches can analyze the different angles of your wrists, and correct this, using Hackmotion’s technology to help you find the fairway more and drain more putts.


Drive for show, putt for dough! Our Superspeed technology can help you smash the golf ball and gain more distance. Superspeed Golfincreases your clubhead speed and can help you win more long-drive proximities! Distance doesn’t always mean lower scores, but when utilized with our other technology your handicap will be dropping like crazy.

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