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Wayne King

Been seeing Josh for 3 years and he always provides great instruction that is clear and helpful — with the cool technology that he has with 365 Golf last lesson was amazing — and would highly recommend him – looking forward to another great year


Brad McGrath

Josh is a great coach and the technology at 365 is amazing.


Wes McLeod

Josh is extremely knowledgeable about the golf swing. The tech and knowledge at 365 Golf is where you should go if you want to improve and “Enjoy the Game”


Gord Glenn

Josh is an Awesome instructor! With the Trackman and his other amazing technology used by PGA tour professionals he can show you exactly where your clubhead contacts the ball and every other important body angle at impact. I am so impressed with how he has improved my ball striking. I actually want to go play golf now instead of dreading my performance on the course. He can bring back the fun to golf again!


Bonnie Jones

365 GOLF Inc. is the new place in town for great golf analysis and instruction. The facility is well organized and extremely clean. Josh Fleming is Trackman certified and will provide you with a good analysis of your swing. That analysis with lessons to improve your swing will elevate your golf game. Last season I knocked off 4 strokes on my handicap. If you are serious about your game this is your place to go… BONUS. Lots of free parking too!


Fly Eisen

If you want to improve at this incredibly hard and frustrating game then do yourself a favor and come here. Award winning coach who can break down your swing and give instructions on how to get better in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Technology is best in the city ( uses the same trackman tech as the pros!), great facility, and flexible hours. I have cut my handicap in half. 5 stars no question!


Tyler McVicar

Went and saw Josh at his new set up. The technology is unreal. I have never had so much feedback and information to help me get better. The trackman system he is using is state of the art and can tell you anything you want to know about your swing and ball flight etc. There is a ton of space and Josh is super engaged the whole time. Unreal experience. Keep it up Josh.


Manwinder S. Gill

Josh is an amazing coach and truly wants to help people play/enjoy the game better. The technology is a huge added bonus, as it can help measure the intricacies of your swing, giving Josh the feedback to focus the lessons on the “things” that matter.


Sarah Jayne Poole

Josh is a golf pro willing to slow things down and take the time to explain it in a way that makes sense! He is patient and willing to spend extra time helping you perfect your golf game. Every time I go to see Josh I walk away feeling confident and ready to take on another day golfing. Thanks for your continued help in growing my golf game.


Steve Smee

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first few sessions at 365 GOLF. 365 GOLF is using all the best technology to help me hit the ball better. The TrackMan launch monitor is exceptional in providing me a clear visual of what the golf club is doing at impact, very precise. Josh’s knowledge and coaching are leading to great progress on my swing. His customer service is exceptional. I know I will be playing my best golf this season.


Trevor Logan

365 Golf is an awesome place to receive high-quality golf coaching. The technology they offer is unbelievable (and not overwhelming) and the knowledge of my coach matches that quality. Josh demonstrates such enthusiasm towards golf that is really helping me to #enjoythegame! To that end; I would highly recommend to anyone looking for top quality instruction to check out 365 Golf and spend some time with him!


John Walsh

Had my first lesson with Josh on Tuesday, hands down was the best golf instruction experience I have ever had. Josh’s knowledge combined with the latest technology made me feel like a new golfer and am looking forward to the next steps. After only one lesson I am feeling very confident about where my game is going and am super excited for my next session!


Chris Mason

Josh is easily the best golf instructor I have ever had. He combines technology seamlessly with his teaching methodology. Under his guidance, I’ve lowered my handicap from a 15 to a 5. I would highly recommend Josh if you are looking for an instructor.


Kimberley Park

Love the new set up at 365 Golf. Josh is a great instructor and his enthusiasm for teaching and helping me get the most out of my game is awesome. I have referred many people to Josh and everyone has improved and has spoken highly of Josh. If you are looking to improve your game, go to Josh, you won’t be disappointed!


Clay Blakley

Was able to experience all the amazing technology Josh has at his new teaching studio. The best part is he is able use that information to create a simple and effective lesson and most importantly make golf more fun. Great to get working on the swing now so ready for the season!

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